Whose Will 
Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Life.
Life is about the choices you make.


There is a difference between “survival” and “success". The former represents mere existence at the barest means. It suggests living below average and just above failure. Success, on the other hand, carries the idea of achievement regardless of the odds or the predictions for failure. It means that all of the things and people that have come against you failed and you went beyond mere survival and reached excellence. This is the theme embedded in the life story Whose Will, Ordinary Person’s Extraordinary Life, by Willie Harris. Everything in his life pointed to failure with only the possibility of survival, but by the Grace of God and his realization of the Power of God, that will move, he succeeded.

Whose Will is not a book for everyone, but everyone should read it. It is graphic at times but so are the realities of life. It is harsh at some points, but not unbearable to those who can see themselves journeying with him through the pages and having lived some of the scenes that are depicted between the lines.

Many have failed, trying to merely survive, but none have reached success without a few failures. Willie did not let his small town upbringing become an obstacle to his quest for success, whether his quest was the best direction or not. He refused to allow the labeling of his family as “dysfunctional,” to become his mark of identity as a person. He never permitted those things or people who had him bound to prevent his access to destiny that had already been determined by another “Will.”

It is an excellent read for young people who think they have all the answers or who think that there is something “new” under the sun. Whose Will provides numerous answers that counter that kind of thinking.

Read it and be blessed. Get someone else to read it and bless the world.

Bishop Paul S. Morton
Changing A Generation FGBC

The book “Whose Will” is an autobiography by Willie L Harris Jr. The story is about overcoming the odds of alcoholism/drug addiction and breaking generational curses of domestic violence. You will discover: hope, courage, and power of choice, honesty, perseverance, success and the very presence of God.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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