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Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Life.

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Kirkus Book Review wrote:  An inspiring, affecting narrative of one man’s messy life and road to well-being.  

The youngest of four siblings, Harris lived in a middle-class household with parents who rarely showed him affection. Worse, his father was an alcoholic who abused his mother so badly that their kids feared for her life. When their mother finally escaped, taking the children with her, Harris continued to face household after household in which he was largely unloved. Once on his own, Harris soon found himself in debt and addicted to alcohol and marijuana and then cocaine. The most dangerous addiction, perhaps, was to his sometime lover and fellow crack addict, Dana. He tried several times to clean up for the sake of others, but his efforts only succeeded once he committed to cleaning up for himself. The author doesn’t shy away from providing dark details.  He candidly describes many of his lowest points, including stories about the dangerous ways he tried to score cocaine and the sleazy things he did to satisfy his addiction. Squeamish readers might find some moments difficult to stomach, but the harsh specifics show how bad things got and how miraculous his eventual recovery was. This miraculous nature is something Harris himself points out; he frequently comments about how a guardian angel must have protected him. 

James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief The Midwest Book Review Oregon, WI wrote:
Success in our lives comes from within. "Whose Will: Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Life" is an inspirational memoir from Willie L. Harris Jr. as he draws on his own experiences of going from the lowest of low to determining his own place in life, empowering himself in many ways.  From his battles with addiction to his discovery of faith, he presents an example to follow for those who have fallen far.  "Whose Will" is a strong addition to inspirational collection, highly recommended.


Marlene A Simmons-Covington, GA wrote:
After reading Whose Will, I immediately bought several copies and gave to other individuals who I thought the book would inspire. This book is one of the most heartfelt books I've had the pleasure of reading. The Author had passion, courage, and I'm sure, sacrificed a great deal in revealing his truths. Good Job.....

Dotty Sanders-Decatur, GA wrote:
I truly enjoyed this book in fact it was hard to put it down after I started reading it. I was able to see how God can take anyone and turn their life around to work for His good.
I think everyone should read "Whose Will" this is a modern day life of many great people we have read about it the bible. It's your Moses, your David, your Abraham and so many others that God used to change the world.
Do yourself and other a favor by purchasing and sharing this very wonderful book with others.
This book is ministry in a whole other way.
Loved it.

Debbie Wexler-Chandler, AZ wrote:
One word to describe this book—riveting. "Whose Will" is one of the best books I have read. From the beginning you pulled me into your story. I was on an emotional roller coaster from start to finish. There were times I sighed with relieve and cheered when I thought life was going to turn around for you (for instance in Ohio) only to be so saddened when circumstances threw you another blow. Not only did I cheer for you but there were times I was angry and wanted to yell at you and tell you to get it together. All through your story I knew at the core of your soul there was a good person. Thank you for producing such a great page turner and with that a book I will definitely read again…who knows-one day a movie?

Denise Nishiura Hays-Campbell, CA wrote:
I am inspired by your courage to tell your story - your successes and failures. It's difficult to put it all out there, to risk the possibility of being judged but you did it without shame because your journey has brought you to the place you are today. The place where telling your story will inspire others to take that leap of faith and endure the pain to get where we need to be. Thank you for having the faith and courage. Your story touched me and I have recommended it to my friends and family. Wishing you continued happiness as your journey continues. You have found your path.

Bryan Neves-Lawrenceville, GA wrote:
I just finished reading this book.I just have to say it is a sobering look at a life that had up and downs and showed a person who had difficulties in almost every part of his life.Gods mercy and kindness brought Will back full circle to humble himself before God.
What a great story of redemption and over coming through Gods Grace.
Thank You Will for your honesty and hard work to tell your story!
It was nice meeting you the other day!
God Bless

Jesse Smith-Conyers,GA wrote:
After completing the reading of this book, I was totally in awe. Will Harris is a friend of mine and to think I have been talking to the man who went through all of this and still stands tall and proud is a testament to the love and power of God. Nothing I have seen of the Will Harris I know would give you the impression that he had lived and been through a life like this. IICorinthians 5:17 stands so true, "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." God bless Will Harris and may his life stand as testament to the love and power of Almighty God.

Ronald Lee-Atlanta GA wrote:
I had the pleasure of meeting you at Allan's birthday celebration in Grayson, GA on the 4th of July. And I thank God that it was revealed that you wrote a book, allowing me to purchase it, and you personally signing it for me! "Whose Will? Not my will" is the last sentence in your book. That statement confirms that it was God's will for me to read this provocative, raw, and gut-wrenching honest tale of your past that has lead to your bright future. I can identify and envision many of the places that you depict in your book. What a great read that should be shared with many! AWESOME ILLUSTRATIONS that could only be told by you. I sincerely wish you and your family much success with the book.
Be blessed, my brother!!

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